Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pasta with Vodka Sauce

This is a recipe I've been making for years. I put this recipe together by combining what I thought was the best of a few recipes I found online and in my cookbooks. This recipe makes a ton and it's what I use when I'm cooking for a crowd. It can easily be halved or make it all and freeze half of it (before adding the cream).

Michele's Vodka Sauce


2 onions, chopped
1 bunch scallions, chopped, (separate light and dark green parts)
5 cloves of garlic, chopped
Extra virgin olive oil
¼ lb Prosciutto di Parma, sliced into strips
1 ¼ cup vodka
2 - 8 oz cans tomato paste
4 - 28 oz cans crushed tomatoes
1 Qt heavy cream
Kosher salt
Black pepper


In a large saucepan, sauté onions, garlic and light parts of scallions until soft on medium heat. Add Prosciutto and let cook for about one minute. Add vodka; turn up heat to medium high and cook until alcohol burns out about 4 minutes. Lower heat and add tomato paste and crushed tomatoes; stir. Add green parts of scallions, kosher salt and black pepper. Turn up heat until boiling, then lower heat. Let cook for 1 hour. Add cream; let simmer until starts bubbling and turn off heat.
This is enough sauce for about 4-5 lbs of pasta or more.
I forgot to take a picture after adding the cream.  I will update this post the next time I make it with that pic.


Megan said...

Thanks for sharing your recipe! I have never made vodka sauce but I love it and order it often when I go out to eat. This sounds like the perfect thing to try next time I'm having dinner guests!

ARLENE said...

Although we never ate this growing up, I, too, like a good penne with vodka. Your sauce sounds delicious. I like to add some chicken or shrimp, too, so I get a little protein with my pasta (and hopefully eat less of it, lol).

justjoycee said...

Sounds delicious! I am have never made vodka sauce but your recipe looks so good I would love to try it.

Patti T. said...

Thanks for another GREAT recipe, I always order this when we go to our favorite Italian restaurant and absolutely love it. I have tried the jarred sauce and hated it, now I can make my own from a tried and true recipe.

Claudia said...

An absolute warming hearts and soul dish! Happy New year! May 2011 bring you all good things.

Stefania said...

Happy New Year ♥
Moltissimi Auguri
per uno splendido 2011

Peggy said...

I love Vodka sauce! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

whozyerdanny said...

Another great classic!

Pam said...

I have never made vodka sauce... this looks like something I need to try.


Hey girl! Wanted to let you know that you have a Stylish Blog Award on my blog. I love to read you! Have a great weekend

Claudia said...

I love this - I've never put prosciutto in my vodka sauce - but like the salty addition. And it's really easy - which is a plus!

Danielle said...

Vodka is one alcohol I've never cooked with. This recipe sounds wonderful!

Tracy Hoerdemann said...

This looks fantastic and I need all the help I can get with cooking!

Tracy Hoerdemann said...

This looks fantastic! I cannot wait to try this recipe!

rnd said...

this sounded yummy, so am trying it tonight. would be a useful addition to note the size of the cans of tomatoes and paste!