Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tito's Burritos - Morristown


Every week I look forward to reading about the new featured restaurant in our local newspaper. A couple of weeks ago I read about a new Mexican place called Tito's Burritos that just opened in Morristown. I didn't know of this one before, but there is also one just minutes from my office in Summit. Now that I've been here, this news is very exciting - I could have my Tito's fix for lunch or for dinner!





Tito's cuisine may be Mexican or Tex-Mex, but the atmosphere is one of a Hawaiian or Californian surf shop. There are two flat screen TV's - which were showing a skateboarding video, a huge marlin on the wall, as well as surfboards. These are just some of the fun items that adorn the restaurant. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the friendly staff illustrates that. Everyone seemed to really enjoy working there. There is something for everyone at Tito’s and it appeals to people of all ages. The night I was at Tito's, there were families with young children, teenagers and adults of all ages.

The menu is extensive and very unique. They serve burritos, tacos, quesadillas and salads - they even have fries and wings! Any burrito can be made without a tortilla, with a low carb tortilla, or as is. They can be made "wet" which means special sauce and cheese added, or "green" which means added guacamole. There really is a burrito and taco to satisfy every palate, the most unique being the Blackened Salmon Burrito. I ordered a San Quentin which is a ground beef burrito with a choice of black or pinto beans, cheese, yellow rice and pico de gallo. It was very tasty, not an obscene amount of cilantro and very neat. I thought I would have to use a fork and knife but all the fillings stayed neatly inside the tortilla so it was not messy at all. My boyfriend ordered The Big Easy. This was our favorite out of the two we ordered. It's a blackened chicken burrito with yellow rice, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and ranch dressing. I think this was the most popular burrito that night because I heard it ordered over and over. We also tried the guacamole and the salsas from the salsa bar. All of them were very good. The pico de gallo was my favorite, very tasty with just the right amount of salt. I think the most surprising thing we tasted were the fries. Who orders fries at a Tex-Mex restaurant you ask? We do when they are covered in cheese and served with a chipotle dipping sauce. If you ask me, that sauce should be on everything! I think it would have been perfect in my burrito. So Tito, maybe you should add that to your menu with all the other add-ons!




Tito's does not serve alcohol but they are a BYOT - Bring Your Own Tequila and will gladly make you a frozen Margarita. If alcohol isn't your thing try a Mexican soda or some refreshing lemon or limeade.

Tito's Motto is "It's all good!" and everything that we tasted was certainly better than good. I plan on becoming a regular at the Morristown location and I hope to see you there!

My review is also posted on Jersey Bites! Click here to check it out! Jersey Bites is a great website for recipes, NJ restaurant reviews, blogging events and more. Make sure you stop by!


Susan said...

Hi Michele-
Titos sounds fun. I havent been back to Morristown in a while. Grew up in Morris Plains and worked in Convent Station.... I now live in Pennsylvania! Its time for a trip home and I could sure go for some yummy Mexican!
Your review was great and you made me hungry! Thanks : )

Michele said...

Thanks Susan! I was worried about my review and the lack of food pics! Next time you visit you should definitely go to Tito's.

Barbara said...

OMG, those fries look too good, Michele. Chipotle sauce? Oh, yeah!

Claudia said...

So now wishing there was a Tito's in MN. The fries are a grand idea. And so nice to see some offerings that are not "the usual."

jenn said...

That does look like a fun place to go!

Thanks for sharing the photos

Ann said...

I really like your blog and I am going to follow it.

Michele said...

Thanks Ann!!!

teresa said...

Great review! I have a little award for you on my blog!

Lola Lakely said...

I don't know how I missed this M- but maybe you should rethink your careeer and become a restaurant critic. This was a great, great entry!

Stacey Snacks said...

our neighbor in Summit owns Tito's, had no idea he opened another one in Morristown.
I love their chopped salad with the green salsa! So fresh and good, I have to remember to have a healthy lunch there soon!

Bridgett said...

Mexican food (along with chocolate cake) is my downfall. I could easily get used to going there!

Michele said...

Lola - thanks!!!!

Stacey - Really? Cool! I'll have to make a healthy selection next time but it's very hard to not have those fries!

Dave Marchese said...

Hey Michele, Great review and great job with the photos...show us your Tito's...very cute. The food looks delicious and I'll have to try to round up the troops, grab a bottle of Tequila and get ready for The Big Easy cus that sounded tasty. Keep up the great work!

Michele said...

Hi Dave! Thanks for stopping by! When you check out Tito's let me know what you think!

Cate said...

Forget burritos, those fries look delish! Have you tried Raul's Empanada place? Keeping meaning to head there, but haven't yet.